Rise in Elder Abuse (Fraud) Cases Reported to Police

Thursday, June 20,2024

The Bermuda Police Service (BPS), wishes to remind the public of the need to help protect our senior citizens against falling victim to scams in which bad actors take advantage of their vulnerabilities and steal monies from them. This is a form of elder abuse. As of January 2023 to present, the BPS Financial Crime Unit has investigated 18 cases involving seniors being duped out of approximately one and a half million dollars by online fraudsters. In one instance, a senior lost $250,000. These unscrupulous individuals play on the vulnerabilities of the elderly, leading them to provide their personal information and banking details. There have even been instances where family members have caused seniors to make transactions against their will. Detective Chief Inspector, Jason Smith, of the Specialist Investigations Unit, said, “The BPS is seeing a rise in the number of such cases being reported. To date, five arrests have been made and two persons have been convicted in the courts for these offences. We want to encourage the public to help protect our seniors by reminding them not to give their personal information to anyone without first verifying that they are from a reputable organization with which they have a bona fide interest. We are also appealing to family members who are aware of other relatives who may be pressuring elders to give money to someone or, trying to trick a senior into signing wills or contracts, to come forward and report these matters to the police.” “The BPS would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the contributions that our seniors have made to our community and give the assurance that we will continue to do all within our power to ensure their safety and wellbeing, in order that they may enjoy their golden years.”

National Heroes' Day Holiday Recap

Tuesday, June 18,2024

The Bermuda Police Service (BPS), can report that the National Heroes Holiday long weekend went off without any major incidents or significant criminal activity. Our robust policing efforts with heightened officer presence on the roads and in attendance at the numerous gatherings helped, in the main, achieve our objective of a safe and enjoyable holiday period. None of this would have been achieved, though, without the cooperation of you, the public. While the recent holiday period can be considered relatively quiet from a crime perspective, there were still a number of arrests made. •             Importation of controlled drug - 2 •             Assault - 1 •             Bladed Article - 4 •             Possession of controlled drug - 1 •             Impaired Driving - 5 •             Warrants - 7 •             Threatening Words/Breach of the peace - 1 •             Disqualified Driving - 2 Reflecting on these numbers, Darrin Simons, Commissioner of Police stated, “On behalf of the entire staff of the Bermuda Police Service, I wish to take this opportunity to thank the public for their cooperation and support over the just concluded National Heroes Holiday weekend. Your assistance combined with guidance provided by our officers, helped ensure a relatively peaceful, near incident free weekend. That speaks volumes given the multitude of social events which took place across the island, starting on Wednesday of last week. I should also point out, this outcome is another demonstration of what can be achieved when the community and police work together. Again, thank you Bermuda."

Reported Single Car Collision on Harbour Road in Paget [Updated]

Saturday, June 15,2024

Around 1:30pm Saturday, 15th June 2024, a reported single vehicle collision occurred along Harbour Road in Paget. Police, Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service as well as ambulance personnel responded. Apparently, a car being driven along Harbour Road, between Lovers Lane and Highwood Lane, struck a wall and ended up at the water’s edge. It is understood that the female driver sustained non-life threatening injuries and was assisted out of the vehicle. Traffic travelling west along Harbour Road is currently being diverted on to Lovers Lane, while traffic travelling east along Harbour Road is currently being diverted on to Highwood Lane. These traffic diversions will continue until the damaged car can be removed, which will likely require a crane. Any witnesses are encouraged to call 211. Update: The damaged car has been removed. In addition, the affected section of roadway was assessed by Works & Engineering, as well as BELCO personnel, with normal traffic flow in the area resuming shortly after.

2024 National Heroes' Day Holiday Weekend Policing Plan

Tuesday, June 11,2024

Acting Superintendent Alexander Rollin, Community Policing Division - "National Heroes’ Day holiday weekend 2024, will include the much anticipated host of carnival type activity starting Wednesday, 12th June 2024 culminating with National Heroes’ Day, Monday 17th June 2024. While there will be events staged across the island during this period, the Bermuda Police Service will be paying particular attention to two of these. The first being J’ouvert, also being called JAM 2024, which takes place between the hours of 3:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. on Monday, June 17, 2024, followed shortly thereafter, by Revel de Road, from 12:00 noon on the same date. J’ouvert celebrations will kick off at Bernard’s Park with a procession making its way on to Dutton Avenue before proceeding left onto Marsh Folly Road. The procession will continue left onto Cedar Avenue, then another left onto Angle Street finishing back at Bernard’s Park. The Corporation of Hamilton and the Ministry of Public Works have issued traffic notices permitting the closure of the roads mentioned, during the event. Revel de Road which as I stated begins at 12:00 noon on Monday, is a bit more involved. The event again starts on Dutton Avenue, but revellers will make a right turn onto North Street, then right onto Cedar Avenue. They will then proceed right onto Marsh Folly Road and onto Palmetto Road all the way to North Shore Road. This marks the end of the first lap. The second lap will see revellers turn left onto North Shore Road and make their way along North Shore Road and turn left onto Black Watch Pass. This will be followed by a right turn onto Marsh Folly Road, left on Cedar Avenue, left on Angle Street, left on North Street, left on Dutton Avenue and a final left turn onto Marsh Folly Road, which marks the end of the second lap and indeed the end of the Revel the Road procession.  Based on the experience from previous years it is expected that each lap of the procession will take around two hours to complete. These events will result in traffic delays, with traffic diversions due to road closures and large numbers of people expected to be in attendance. Please, we ask that you exercise patience and caution. The public can expect the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) to maintain high visibility during these events. Members of the public are urged against engaging in criminal activity or anti-social behaviour during these events or, any of the numerous other social gatherings set to take place during the holiday weekend. It should be noted that although the scheduled carnival events have obtained noise permits, the BPS will still monitor noise levels and use authority under the law to address any noise related complaints, if necessary. If you plan on attending any of these events, you are advised to travel with a group or in pairs. When parking, avoid dimly lit or isolated areas. It would also be best that you keep someone advised of your whereabouts and when you plan to return. For those driving to these event, please ensure that when parking your vehicle, you do not obstruct any surrounding roads or driveways. For those headed out on the water, please file a float plan. Do not go boating alone. Ensure your radio is working and all the requisite safety equipment on-board is up-to-date. Also, please ensure that your boat’s registration decal is current and prominently displayed. Do not consume alcohol and drive, ride or operate a watercraft. When swimming, do not swim alone. We also ask that you cooperate with our officers, as we aim to ensure minimal disruption and that everyone is able to enjoy the holiday, without fear for their safety and wellbeing. Again, the public can expect there will be stepped up patrols as we continue our focus on traffic offences, including impaired driving. Of note, Roadside Sobriety Checkpoints will be in effect over the long holiday weekend. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all residents and visitors a safe holiday weekend and urge you to enjoy yourselves responsibly."

Information Sought Regarding Minibus Viral Video

Tuesday, June 11,2024

The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) is aware of a video recording being circulated on social media, depicting what appear to be two minibuses being driven in a dangerous manner and at a high rate of speed. Dangerous or reckless driving is unacceptable under any circumstance. However, the size of these vehicles and the manner in which they were being driven, created an increased risk of collision as well as the potential to cause serious injury or worse, to passengers and other road users. The BPS takes these incidents seriously and we are investigating the matter. As part of our inquiries, we need to establish a timeline of when this footage was recorded. We are asking that anyone who has information about this particular incident or anyone who may have information in regards to the details of the recording to make contact with police on 211 at the earliest opportunity. In light of numerous recent complaints regarding minibuses, the BPS will be paying particular attention to the operation of minibuses and any offences will be dealt with accordingly. The Bermuda Police Service will also liaise with the Transport Control Department regarding these matters.


24 June 2024

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