Police Respond to Arrest Video

Wednesday, May 27,2020

The Bermuda Police Service is aware of a video clip circulating on social media and showing the arrest of an individual by armed police officers on the evening of Monday 25th May. Assistant Commissioner of Police Martin Weekes stated, “The actions of the officers shown in the video were in response to information received and as part of ongoing efforts to disrupt gang activity and anti-social behaviour. The individual shown being taken into custody has since been bailed. Despite the sensational appearance of the video clip, I can assure the public that the actions of the arresting officers have been reviewed, as is the case with every police use of force, and found to be proportionate to the threat posed based on the information received.

Phishing Emails

Wednesday, April 22,2020

The Bermuda Police Service has been made aware of two phishing emails purporting to be from a member of Bermuda Tourism Authority – namely Beverly Bennett (bbennett@bermudatourism.com) and Bermuda Shipping & Maritime Authority - Francis Richardson (frichardson@bermudashipping.bm) respectively. The subject title of the respective email is: “BERMUDA TOURISM AUTHORITY #BTA16-4-2020” and “Bermuda Shipping & Maritime Authority #BSMA16.04.2020” These two email addresses are considered to be highly compromised with malicious URLs which    redirect to credential harvesting sites. Here are the initial URLs attached to each mail: hxxps://www.notion.so/bermudatourism-01b28cfba06b4cadaad522015742c0f0 hxxps://www.notion.so/BSMA-doc-611f1413d38c44549a0c1789632f563e

Curfew Breaches

Thursday, April 09,2020

At around 10:30 pm on Wednesday 8th April, police officers observed a motorcycle travelling in a westerly direction on Spice Hill Road, Warwick.  Officers pursued the motorcycle as it was during curfew time and the passenger had no helmet. The rider failed to stop and the motorcycle which is registered to a Sandys Parish residence, was later found abandoned at the bottom of Wellman Lane in Warwick. Forty minutes later officers were again on Spice Hill Road Warwick, when they saw a black ca go past them.  Officers followed the car as the driver accelerated, turned on to Camp Road, refused to stop and went on to the railway trial off Scenic Heights. Officers were subsequently able to stop the vehicle and the driver was arrested and charged for breach of curfew. Then at 2:20 this morning Thursday 9th April, officers were on patrol on Harrington Sound Road near the junction with Knapton Hill in Smiths Parish when they stopped two who were out running. Both individuals were advised that they will be issued with a summons to appear before the courts.

Covid-19 Breaches

Tuesday, April 07,2020

At around 4:14 am today, Tuesday 07-Apr-2020, police were conducting traffic stops along North Shore Road at the junction with Radnor Road, Hamilton Parish. The officers stopped a car driven by a male who had been stopped three times in two days. It was discovered that he did not have a curfew exemption and was arrested for being in breach of Shelter in Place Regulations and transported to the Hamilton Police Station where he was processed and detained. Shortly after 3:30 pm yesterday Monday 06-Apr-2020, police officers were performing vehicle checks on the junction of North Shore Road and Middle Road in Flatts, when they stopped a vehicle and spoke to the male driver who indicated he was his way to deliver an item to his girlfriend’s house. He too was arrested for Breach of Shelter in Place Regulations. He was taken to HPS where he was processed and detained.    Members of the public are reminded that in order to obtain exemption permission, they are to submit their application to: https://forms.gov.bm/covid19/shelter


Monday, April 06,2020

Three individuals were last night stopped by police for being in breach of the current curfew regulations. One individual, a female, was stopped twice. She was taken into custody and detained at the Hamilton Police Station after being stopped on the second occasion at around 10:15pm in Flatts Village. At 10:36p.m another individual, a male was seen walking along Front St. He was stopped by police officers who advised them that he will be issued with a summons to appear before the courts. Then at 3:09am today another male was approached by officer for breach of curfew, after he was found at Fort Scaur inside his car. He too was advised that he will be issued with a summons to appear before the courts. Tucker. A summons is also to be issued to the individual who stopped for breach of curfew earlier this week.


29 May 2020

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